This is a lifestyle blog started in 2016, and it has since turned into a journal of our life stories. Here I share my thoughts on motherhood, marriage, and lots of the in between. I was born and raised in Michigan, but moved to Kentucky as soon as I graduated high school. Why Kentucky? Because my entire childhood I dreamt of becoming a jockey and I really thought I could be the first female ever to win the Derby. I grew up in a small town where neighbors were few and far between but open fields were at my fingertips. I lived and breathed horses, taking lessons and show jumping for years. When I moved, I sought out to do pretty much everything BUT what I am doing now. Life took more unexpected twists than I can share in this paragraph, but long story short, I got married when I was twenty and had two kids under two by the time I was twenty-five. We've been married for nine years now and I've been a city dweller for an entire decade (oh my!) Our son and daughter daily show me how much more I have yet to learn and that seriously, I need to take things minute by minute. I do NOT have it all together, our life is very messy, my coffee gets re-heated more times than I care to admit, but one thing is for certain and it is that this life is SO very good! 

This is a personal collection of our life. It's a place where I share our day-today, and I love to work with brands that fit our family's lifestyle. Sometimes I use affiliate links, brand collaborations, and sponsored posts; but when I do these, they are always my 100% honest opinion, and never swayed in any way.