Dog Moms + Dog Dads: Reasons We Love Nature's Recipe Dog Food

This post is sponsored by © Nature’s Recipe, LLC., all opinions are my own.


One of my favorite memories of Humphrey (and by favorite, I mean, years later, now that we can laugh about it), is when he ate our ENTIRE Christmas ham. Remember in The Christmas Story where the Bumpus Hounds devour their Christmas turkey?! That legit happened to us. I was in the living room nursing our three-month-old, and my husband was upstairs with our oldest. I thought the house was just super quiet and peaceful when all of a sudden, I heard a crash. Humphrey had been able to steal bits of the ham quite tactfully off of the counter without tampering with the evidence; until suddenly the dish crashed the floor. I jumped up, and barely had to walk a few steps before he just came cowering to me. He KNEW what he did, oh yes, he knew. That and when I was in a pie baking phase for one of my New Year’s resolutions. I had worked so hard on a from-scratch made crust and delicious blueberry pie, and like a dummy, left it on the counter when we left for church. (Why?!!?) We came home and my pretty pie plate was on the kitchen floor and the PIE of course, no longer existed. I told my husband, “I need a minute,” and walked upstairs. 


Oh sweet, Labrador retriever, you have solidified every single stereotype people assume about you, ha ha!! Truthfully though, Humphrey has been through thick and thin with us and our family. He never batted an eye when we brought both kids home from the hospital. He has helped us feel safe no matter where we’ve been. And he has also clearly eaten an abundance of food NOT intended for him ;) 


Our Elsa Girl has been a gentle spirit. She is quiet and patient, and wherever we are, she is also. Since I was a little girl I dreamt of having my very own ‘Full House dog,’ and she’s even better than that. The kids have climbed on her, sat on her, ‘brushed’ her fur, and she never bats an eye.


We have been really fortunate that so far, both of them are extremely healthy. They have always been really active, and while Humphrey can’t really run per se anymore…he loves his walks around the neighborhood. And Elsa is still running on trails and swimming in ANY body of water she can find. Together, these two make the perfect pair, and we love them, a LOT. 


For a long time, we have been using Nature’s Recipe® premium dog food. It used to be sold primarily at pet specialty stores, but I am thrilled that Walmart carries it—AND for a low price. It’s a double perk that we recently moved and there is a Walmart just a few miles away. There are several reasons my husband and I choose Nature’s Recipe for our pups:  

-They LOVE the ingredients, and who wouldn’t? Lamb, sweet potato, and pumpkin?! YES!
-It is completely grain free and easy to digest; which is especially great for them being older dogs
-The entire recipe is crafted with nutrient-dense carb sources, and there is no corn, wheat, soy, OR poultry-by-product meal!!
-Natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

We are conscious about what we feed our kids, so why not be when it comes to taking care of our pets? If you are looking for a new food to feed your dogs, I highly recommend Nature’s Recipe dog food. There are so many options, and even wet food. Our dogs come to their food bowls wagging their tails, and how could they not?  

What do y’all use for your dogs? And what is one of your favorite memories with your furry friend?