Sick Days with Little Remedies®

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So one thing I noticed REAL quick when I became a mom is that the whole 'sick day' philosophy just doesn't apply to me anymore. Moms don't get sick days! But what I also have noticed is how much I remember my mom's sick-day remedies. The hot water, honey and lemon concoction, resting in her big, comfy, king sized bed, the cuddles and extra hugs. So when my toddlers are feeling yucky, these are usually among the first that I do.

Now that we have not one kiddo but two, when sickness comes around it REALLY hits hard. Runny noses, belly aches, stomach flus, you name it. Well, Mamas, I discovered a product that I not only really LOVE, but also firmly believe WORKS! With their last flu bug, my 3-year old son was hit the worst. He couldn't keep anything down, was using the bathroom incessantly, and I got to the point of worry. I texted one of my dear friends who is a pediatrician at our local childrens hospital, and also a mom of two herself. She recommended probiotics, so I went to our nearby Target and found the most awesome deal in their Digestion aisle: Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes!

When my kids were babies, I remembered using Little Remedies® Gripe Water for their infant tummy pain, and I also keep their saline drops on hand for the numerous colds and allergies that occur all year round. So when I saw this, probiotics + electrolytes, I was so excited to use a product from a brand that I already love and trust!

When I got home, I mixed one packet of Little Remedies® with 6-ounces of water and mixed until it was dissolved. I cooled it down with some ice cubes and let my son sip it every fifteen minutes. For the first time in hours, he was able to keep something down! Beyond that, he expressed that it tasted so good and was asking for more after he had finished. Throughout the day, he had a few more servings and I began to notice such an improvement in his attitude, demeanor, energy and even the paleness of his skin was beginning to turn back to its' normal color. Hallelujah for a product that greatly maintained his hydration AND helped support his digestive system during this super not-fun sickness! If you're a mama who wants to know exactly what's IN the products you are giving to your child, let me help:

-Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes contains 5 billion active cultures of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (simple terms: helps keep the digestive system in balance and supports immune function!)
-The electrolytes provide vital minerals and nutrients to help support hydration (and what I love the most, is that both of these ingredients are put in 1 convenient packet!)
-It's gluten free, and has NO artificial flavors, artificial dyes or parabens
-The flavor has a yummy berry taste and a dissolving powder (that actually dissolves--aka, NO CLUMPS!)
*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

And if you want to know how our family of four spends our days when sickness barges in, here are my own helpful hints to survive a day with sick littles:

Hint #1: STAY FLEXIBLE! Sick-days in our house translate to flexibility, and a LOT of it. We are a pretty scheduled family, and naps and bedtime occur at the same time almost every single day. But when there is sickness in the household, we've realized that it is so important to not focus on the schedule. If one of them wants to nap, we let them nap. If they can't fall asleep at bedtime, that's okay too. We will rest with them, sing extra songs, read more books and may need to check on them more than usual.

Hint #2: HELP THEM REST! We're probably the fairly typical parents in that we attempt to limit screen time for our kids. That's one of my biggest requests to our babysitters, "Please refrain from letting them play on the i-Pads too much!" But I also know that some days, letting them watch an additional TV show or having an extra ten minutes on the iPad, is just what they need for some much needed rest (for both, adult AND toddlers! ha!) Something that sometimes has a tendency to stress me out when mine are sick, is that the fact that more often than not, my toddlers just don't know how to REST. They are two and three years-old, and their minds and bodies are so active, ALL the time, even when they have fevers or belly and head-aches. What I like to do is make a giant, comfy 'bed' on our couch and let them have their pick of favorite movies. If I can get them to snuggle quietly for thirty to forty minutes, that's always such a plus for me (and for them! We all know that puke isn't picky about when it chooses to let loose, so avoiding it occurring in their toy bins is kinda ideal, right?)

Hint #3: GIMME ALL THE CALM + QUIET! Coloring, drawing and reading are also go-to's with them and while they do activities such as these, I'll play soft music in the background. Canned soup (working mom of two, heck no I don't prepare it homemade!), ice chips, and other soft foods are the foods we typically trust. Remember how you felt when you were a sick kid? I know I do, and I remember always wanting my mom. I try hard to put my ever piling 'to-do' list aside on days like these, just so I can be readily available to be their shoulder, their pillow and their biggest hug!

Sick days don't mean easy days. In fact, they're quite the opposite! But they have the opportunity to offer extra cuddles (which I'm always in favor of), and maybe even some extra art for your fridge ;) And with the help of Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes, hopefully the sickness will be even more manageable!

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