Be a Wellness Warrior featuring BioChem

This post is sponsored by Biochem.


While I am not a gal who works out a ton, I am a woman who believes in healthy products and who knows protein is an essential part of that. Recently my husband and I discovered a drink that fully supports our healthy lifestyle, and who knows how important protein is in our diet. Especially for me personally, I don’t eat a lot of meat in my diet so I do not get protein in that capacity. Biochem is a company that makes dual-action protein powders, designed to fuel bodies with the nutrients it needs to live our best lifestyle. This protein drink now plays an important part in our wellness journey and we think it may be something you would love for yours too!


Whether you are just beginning your journey to becoming healthy or you are a seasoned pro, Biochem could really be a great option for you. This is a powder drink that has expanded to include a Vegan Plant+ line that includes non-GMO ingredients, but that also offers the best in both flavor and quality. These powders include the highest quality and pure ingredients, AND they are certified gluten-free. My brother-in-law and I were talking recently about protein drinks, and he said, “I really believe that the world needs more guilt free powder drinks, Biochem sounds awesome.” I told him that this is a drink that is reasonably priced and available at convenient retails, like Whole Foods and Amazon, along with the Biochem site, so he should definitely give these drinks a try!

Here are some ways that my husband and I strive to be Wellness Warriors:

  • He is the cook in our family and daily we try to incorporate fruits and vegetables in our meal plan. Biochem also helps with the balance of nutrients we know we benefit from. I have been taking this protein drink to work with me too. The Plant Protein Vanilla Mood powder is packed with ashwagandha, moringa, and passionflower to help stabilize and boost mood levels (something I definitely can use during my long work days.


  • We go hiking, a lot! Even when we vacation, we always make an effort to try new trails and explore, such as in Asheville, North Carolina and climbing our first ever mountain! Our kids love these memories and we love making them with them!

  • We walk our dogs daily, especially now that we have a puppy!

  • I own horses, and it has been so easy for me to take Biochem with me to the barn; it has been a great fuel source on the days I do my riding.

  • We aren’t part of a local gym anymore and do all of our workouts at home. I enjoy running on our treadmill and doing core workouts on my mat.


I really believe that whether you’re hitting the yoga mat first thing in the morning or pushing yourself to get through your work day, you KNOW how important protein is. Let’s celebrate ALL the good that protein can do for our bodies with Biochem’s line of dual-action protein powders. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me (just hit my contact tab) and I’ll be happy to help you discern which powder may be the best fit for you in your busy lifestyle! Follow Biochem on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.