Milky Magic

Raise your hand if you're always on the hunt for toddler friendly activities! I've created a new board on Pinterest where I can start Pinning all the activities/lesson and kid-friendly stuff that I think my two and three-year old could handle. We are currently working on Reese's colors and she's having a little bit harder time than Pierson did identifying them. I am therefore looking for color specific activities and today's is a GOOD one! All you need is milk, , Q-Tips, a shallow dish, food coloring and some dish soap, I used Dawn.

I found this activity from another blog, Lemon Lime Adventures. There Dayna has lots of other creative things regarding playing, sensory processing and even teaching. She used Palmolive, but I didn't have that brand of dish soap, hence why I used Dawn

1. Gather your materials BEFORE the experiment, since getting anything ready WITH toddlers is well, challenging.
2. Pour the milk in the dish, just enough to cover it is totally fine.
3. Let the kids (using your discretion) pour some drops of food coloring sporadically into the milk.
4. Smother a Q-Tip in the dish soap and just let it DRIP into the milk.
5. Watch the colors integrate and turn into a beautiful milky mixture!

The kids were so excited and Pierson claims that it looks like, "HOT LAVA!" I thought this was a cool comparison and Reese was equally as excited. Her being fifteen months younger, her attention span was a bit shorter BUT she did proudly identify the colors as Pierson cheered her on! (Success in my book!) Pierson wanted to try adding another color so we threw yellow into the mix. This is so easy (and so cheap) so I definitely recommend trying it with your Littles. Anything that's easy to put together AND clean up is a huge plus in this household. Have fun experimenting and I would love to hear how yours turned out! (I wonder if the type of dish soap matters??)