Life with Six Indoor Pets, Yes...SIX!

If you are new here, hi! We are the Glass Family. We have been married for ten years, have two small children ages five and six, and we also have three cats, two dogs, and two horses! [Clearly the horses aren’t included in the ‘indoor pets’ status, but if I had it my way, they definitely would be] ;)

So, what’s our home like? When you hear ‘Golden Retriever’ and ‘Lab,’ you automatically think floating hair balls, right? Well, yeah. That does happen. We have been asked, “Do they shed a lot?” Well, yeah, they do, ha ha! We make sure to vacuum, a LOT [thank you trusty, cordless vac!] and we generally love a CLEAN house. “But, Ashley, is that even possible with as many animals as you have?” Yup! It sure is! Daily we make it our priority to put clutter and toys away, run the vacuum, and dust surfaces. I recently partnered with Swiffer and Febreze to help get the job done, and Y’all, without their products, my home wouldn’t be nearly as clean as it is. We have hardwood floors throughout the first floor and in the upstairs hallway. I am SO dang thankful for the Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop! [Do you have one of these?!]


One of the things I love most about this mop is how quickly and efficiently it DOES pick up those floating hairs and loose pieces of dirt. It’s incredibly easy to use and it leaves our floors super shiny.


Our dogs daily sleep in our bedroom. When they were younger and before our older guy Humphrey was prone to having accidents (sigh), they had free roam of the house. When we did it that way, it was nice because there wasn’t one designated dog space, which never left that distinct ‘odor.’ Not that our room reeks or is disgusting, but if you own dogs you know that if they’re shut in a room (especially if you have more than one), when you open the door you can SMELL their dog scent. Thankfully, Febreze Fabric for the win, which also if you’re a pet owner you probably (hopefully?!) already know of this product! We use this incredibly often—it’s 100% safe to use on our rugs, bedding, and even the dog bed that resides in our bedroom too!

While I could go on about these products for a very long time, the last thing I want to mention for this post is my favorite dusting tool. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Pet is 10000% ideal for ALL dusting purposes. It traps and locks up to 3x more dust and allergens, and I love that 360 movement really traps all our pesky dust in, even in small nooks and crannies. (Side note: sometimes our cats think that this is a toy for THEM?! So you should probably be prepared to shoo your cute feline friend away while trying to dust your own surfaces. It always makes for a good laugh while cleaning though!)

So, yes, we have SIX indoor pets. But our goal is that that wouldn’t be super noticeable when you walk in our front door. We aim to keep our floors and furniture hair and dust free, and that there wouldn’t be any pesky pet odors. Swiffer offers easy-to-use sweeping, mopping, and dusting cleaning tools for virtually every household surface. They’re quick and help you not sweat your pet so your family can spend less time worrying about the mess and more time playing with your pet. And Febreze makes it so that our home is always fresh smelling, no matter where our pets sleep :) Where can you get these products? We always get them at our nearby Kroger, where we get the vast majority of our cleaning/household/grocery related needs!

I am curious what you use in your house when it comes to cleaning products? Leave a message in the comment below and fill us in, maybe there’s something I should add to our must haves!