Cleaning with Oils: Lemon

Y’all know we are brand new to the Oil World, but it’s been a little under a week and I am ALL IN! I am having so much fun Googling, researching, scouring Pinterest, and reading through my guide from Young Living. I’ve been on a Lemon kick recently, not only because it smells amazing, but because it has so many health benefits as well. It acts as a natural disinfectant for surfaces and it can also eliminate mold and help you get that streak-free shine on your appliances. Not only does it do those things, it can help you with fatigue, flu symptoms, and help re-charge your metabolism. The reason I dove in recently though was because I was most interested in cleaning surfaces and household things, while achieving that deliciously CLEAN smell after I did it. Here are three things that I did, but guys, there are SO MANY MORE hacks than what I did in one afternoon:

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Household Multi-Purpose Cleaner: The recipe I found for it called for 1c.distilled water, 1c. vinegar, and 10 drops of Lemon EO. I want to always admit what worked for me and what did NOT, so because I have such a sensitive nose, I added 20 drops of EO, and I am not a fan that I STILL smell the vinegar the way that I do. I think next time I would only do 1/2 c. of vinegar and still 20 drops of the lemon oil. (You will find what works for you! It’s all about playing around with quantities and proportions and what you like scent wise.

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Lemon & Lavender Room Spray: I’m a huge fan of this! I wanted to create a little room spray for our first floor bathroom. We did 10 drops of each oil (lavender and lemon) and did 1oz of the rubbing alcohol above. Asa was worried it would smell too much like alcohol but after we shook it real well and let it sit, it just smells like yummy lavender + lemon. The fragrance is super, super light and airy; perfect for a small room like a bathroom.

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Microwave Cleaner: Some of you may have been doing something like this for years, however, I just tried it for the first time ever! One of my girlfriends said she cleaned her microwave by heating up water that had Lemon EO in it, and that she just wiped out the microwave afterwards and by golly she was right! I used this bowl above, did 10 drops of Lemon EO, microwaved the bowl for 5 minutes and then let it sit for 1 minute. I then used a paper towel and wiped out the whole microwave, inside of the door, tray and walls; and there wasn’t a single stain in it to be found! I’ve heard people who do this with straight vinegar, but I love the lemon EO route because it smells so dang yummy!

Other ways I’ve read you can use Lemon to clean:
-Soap Scum Remover
-Glass Stovetop Cleaner
-Wood-polish & Stainless Steel Cleaner
-and so much more!

What have you used lemon to clean? I’m going to need to add that oil to my October Essential Oil order because umm….I’ve used a LOT of it. Luckily it’s one of the cheaper oils, and you can order it HERE. Don’t forget to use my Enroller ID when or if you purchase oils from Young Living, my number ID is 20381963. And if you want to jump all in like I have and get the perks of being a member (wholesale vs. retail pricing = HUGE perk!!), click the link HERE.

PLEASE email me if you have any questions or if you aren’t sure, and especially if you are even slightly intrigued. I would love to partner with you, walk with you, and we can learn together how to live a more Green lifestyle!

Life with Six Indoor Pets, Yes...SIX!

If you are new here, hi! We are the Glass Family. We have been married for ten years, have two small children ages five and six, and we also have three cats, two dogs, and two horses! [Clearly the horses aren’t included in the ‘indoor pets’ status, but if I had it my way, they definitely would be] ;)

So, what’s our home like? When you hear ‘Golden Retriever’ and ‘Lab,’ you automatically think floating hair balls, right? Well, yeah. That does happen. We have been asked, “Do they shed a lot?” Well, yeah, they do, ha ha! We make sure to vacuum, a LOT [thank you trusty, cordless vac!] and we generally love a CLEAN house. “But, Ashley, is that even possible with as many animals as you have?” Yup! It sure is! Daily we make it our priority to put clutter and toys away, run the vacuum, and dust surfaces. I recently partnered with Swiffer and Febreze to help get the job done, and Y’all, without their products, my home wouldn’t be nearly as clean as it is. We have hardwood floors throughout the first floor and in the upstairs hallway. I am SO dang thankful for the Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop! [Do you have one of these?!]


One of the things I love most about this mop is how quickly and efficiently it DOES pick up those floating hairs and loose pieces of dirt. It’s incredibly easy to use and it leaves our floors super shiny.


Our dogs daily sleep in our bedroom. When they were younger and before our older guy Humphrey was prone to having accidents (sigh), they had free roam of the house. When we did it that way, it was nice because there wasn’t one designated dog space, which never left that distinct ‘odor.’ Not that our room reeks or is disgusting, but if you own dogs you know that if they’re shut in a room (especially if you have more than one), when you open the door you can SMELL their dog scent. Thankfully, Febreze Fabric for the win, which also if you’re a pet owner you probably (hopefully?!) already know of this product! We use this incredibly often—it’s 100% safe to use on our rugs, bedding, and even the dog bed that resides in our bedroom too!

While I could go on about these products for a very long time, the last thing I want to mention for this post is my favorite dusting tool. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Pet is 10000% ideal for ALL dusting purposes. It traps and locks up to 3x more dust and allergens, and I love that 360 movement really traps all our pesky dust in, even in small nooks and crannies. (Side note: sometimes our cats think that this is a toy for THEM?! So you should probably be prepared to shoo your cute feline friend away while trying to dust your own surfaces. It always makes for a good laugh while cleaning though!)

So, yes, we have SIX indoor pets. But our goal is that that wouldn’t be super noticeable when you walk in our front door. We aim to keep our floors and furniture hair and dust free, and that there wouldn’t be any pesky pet odors. Swiffer offers easy-to-use sweeping, mopping, and dusting cleaning tools for virtually every household surface. They’re quick and help you not sweat your pet so your family can spend less time worrying about the mess and more time playing with your pet. And Febreze makes it so that our home is always fresh smelling, no matter where our pets sleep :) Where can you get these products? We always get them at our nearby Kroger, where we get the vast majority of our cleaning/household/grocery related needs!

I am curious what you use in your house when it comes to cleaning products? Leave a message in the comment below and fill us in, maybe there’s something I should add to our must haves!

5 Habits to Ensure a Clean House

I will always be thankful for books that I read that whisper their quotes into my ears long after I have turned their pages. It’s been a while since I’ve read Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker, however, this quote will always be one of my favorites. It is something that I live by and stand for, and I think it will probably resonate with many of you as well:

“Dear one, may I say something? It is not shallow or empty or frivolous to create a beautiful space to live in. It is not silly, not vainglorious, not a waste of time and energy. It doesn’t make you superficial nor slides you down the godly scale. We spend the majority of our hours in our homes with our people. Creating beauty and nurture under your roof with colors that soothe, art that inspires, furniture that invites, and textures that thrill is a wonderful use of your small space on the planet” (67).

I take a lot of pride in striving to keep our house clean. Some days we may find more clutter or pet hair than others (we do after all now have SIX pets living inside our humble abode…) However, there are some pretty basic steps that we do that guarantees pretty well for our house to be clean and put together. If you’re anything like me, you want something that you feel good about for your family, but you need something that works and won’t let you down. Do you agree?

Habit #1: Keeping an EMPTY Sink

I am ALL about products that take care of our essential needs, while doing the job they are designed to do…even and especially when it comes to dirty dishes. After every single meal, my family and I make sure that dishes are loaded INTO the dishwasher, and that they don’t simply pile up. Truthfully, my husband and I don’t even sit down for the night until this step has been made because doing so takes off stress and pressure in our busy mornings. With 1/3 bio based and other thoughtfully selected ingredients, New Cascade Pure Essentials is free of phosphates and chlorine but also FULL of power needed to get our dishes and silverware sparkling clean. I grew up in a household with a mom who always ran the dishwasher, regardless of how full it was. Every morning one of my chores was to empty the dishwasher and still to this day, it’s actually a task I kind of enjoy doing. Using a product such as Cascade makes this ‘chore’ even easier for us in the long run, because it cleans even baked-on foods and is tough on stuck-on messes. An added bonus, perfumes in the formula are infused with essential oils that offer a light citrus aroma (Lemon Essence and Orange Blossom). I really can’t stress enough how much we love using Cascade Pure Essentials. These are available at Target stores nationwide. Through March 30, save $1 off Cascade Pure Essentials (30 count or larger) using Cartwheel in the Target App here.

Habit #2: Having a Trusty Vacuum

“I know that Goldens shed…but do they shed a LOT?” I’m asked that question ALL the time, and my answer is always this: “Sure they shed a lot, but they’re more than worth it.” If I didn't have a trusty and reliable vacuum though, I may be swayed on that belief—however, we use a great cordless vacuum, and daily (or a couple times a day) we are able to pretty effortlessly clean our first floor with it. Yes, animals shed and kids track in dirt, but if you can get used to doing this in your daily grind, I really believe your stress will be lighter.

Habit #3: A Laundry Routine

What is your LEAST favorite adulting job…? Without a doubt, mine is laundry. Gone are the days of living at home, where your laundry was magically out of your hamper one day, then folded and ready to be put away the next. (Unless you’re MY kids…because that’s the story of their current life, ha ha). My husband and I try to do ONE load of laundry a day. And not just throwing it in the washer to let it sit and get covered with mildew…no, actually complete the laundry process: wash, dry, fold, put away. When the weekends come, we can breathe easier and we aren’t struggling with a multitude of laundry to contend with. This chore doesn’t come so effortlessly for me (or either of us), but when we follow through and make it happen, our life feels a LOT lighter.


Habit #4: Put It Away!

Every single night, our kids know they are supposed to pick up EVERYTHING off of their floors and put said things away in their proper places. And me, Mom, does this too in my own bedroom. Dirty socks, shirts, a random shoe, or whatever object that isn’t in its’ proper home—I put it away. This is another area in life that we don’t easily rest UNTIL the job is done? So we make sure to do it. A helpful idea is to set a timer for 20 minutes, and go crazy getting rid of/picking up clutter. I don’t know if you have kids or how old they are, but they need responsibilities. Ours are 5 and 6 years old, which is plenty old enough to carry up toys from the steps, and to make sure dirty or clean clothes are in their proper storage areas.


Habit #5: A Room a Day

Instead of trying to tackle our entire house (we have a two story house with an unfinished basement and with three bathrooms..) it makes more sense to clean one room in entirety, a day. I mean beyond the daily vacuuming and de-cluttering. Whichever room is scheduled for that day, clean it and clean it WELL. If it’s the bathroom, remove wastebaskets, scrub out the shower or bathtub, clean the sinks, wipe the mirror, and wash the floor with a cleaning solution. We have found that cleaning one room a day helps our weekends to be more restful, and often times, the kids ENJOY helping. Our daughter Reese LOVES to scrub toilets and to clean our basement steps. So vccc random and kind of funny, but she does a good job and at just five years old, she is learning what it means to create and KEEP a beautiful home.

I know this sounds like a lot. But honestly with the help of my husband and kids this is 30 minutes a day worth of habits that really have changed the way we keep a clean house! What are some must haves in your household for creating a clean space? What daily habits to you already use? What would you add to this list? I would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below and fill me in on all your hacks! :) Happy Cleaning, Friends!