Getting Wedding Ready with Drybar!

I'm sure many of you reading this have been in weddings and if not one, than probably MANY; and you KNOW how expensive they can be! Don't get me wrong, we all know that they are so fun to be a part of, but the getting there takes some work; budgeting, and planning and all that jazz. This past weekend, I had the honor to be in an out of state wedding for a girlfriend of mine, and my daughter was even going to be one of her flower girls! Talk about EXCITING!! So I had my dress, shoes, earrings--we had our hotel booked, and literally, all I needed was my hair left to be planned. When Drybar of Louisville informed me that they'd love to partner with me the day before I left, I was DOWN. The salon officially opened January 22, and is Louisville's FIRST Drybar. 

They are located on Shelbyville road, in between Toys R Us and Whole Foods. A bright white shop with tons of windows and bright, vibrant decor--it's a shop hard to miss. I was welcomed by smiling faces, from the receptionists and stylists and also the owners themselves! [How cool right??] The salon is big enough to hold MANY clients and I've always thought it would be the perfect spot for bride's and their girls to get ready at. 

A lot of women haven't heard about the Drybar blow-out experience, so here's the scoop. You're immediately welcomed with your drink of choice: ice water, diet coke, tea, etc. [I chose diet coke because after running the 5k that morning, this mama was in dire need of caffeine!] Then you're given a menu which you can select your ideal look from: some examples include the Mai Tai, loose, beach-like waves; or a traditional blow-out called Straight Up. If you're really wanting fancy though, there's a fun look called the Uptini, which is more of an up-do. You can see the full menu here if you want to take a peek before going in! 

The stylist greeted me so friendly and took me back for a wash. We chatted about our kids and my race that morning and swapped motherhood stories the whole time. By the end of the appointment I felt like I had known her way longer than the 40-ish minutes it took! She dried my hair and curled it with some loose waves--I was in love with the finished product! (Please excuse my sweatpants and baggy tee; keep in mind I had just ran three miles before hand! Ahh, SO tired!!)

I had actually been to Drybar before, when we had our family pictures taken back in October, and I was SO pleased with that experience as well. The curls lasted me well over 24-hours and I never even had to re-touch it!! The same goes for this visit; my family of four and I left for Cincinnati right after my hair appointment and we went to the rehearsal, dinner, and I sat with my kiddos in the hotel where they swam for almost an hour. Even after sleeping on it, it was STILL in excellent shape. If you're a product junkie like me, or if you're even looking for the simple necessities, Drybar WON'T let you down. Their dry shampoo (Detox) is one of my absolute faves, and I actually did use some of this a few hours before the wedding ceremony. As a mom of two, I kinda feel like dry shampoo is at the TOP of my priority list these days...

I can't say enough about Drybar of Louisville. Excellent staff, TALENTED stylists, and a wonderful opportunity. I am not the best at 'treating myself' but I think days like these are so needed. Mamas, if you CAN, check this salon out. And if you have any questions at all, comment or e-mail me! I assure you that the time is worth it, and the hair styles do NOT disappoint. 

Thank you Drybar, for this amazing gift that could not have come at a more perfect time for me!! You definitely have made me a lifelong customer!