Let's Go Back to School, Tuesday Morning Style!

This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning but all opinions are my own

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School bell’s are ringing!! If you live in Kentucky anyway…! It’s always a transition, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday that our daughter was entering PreK and our son Kindergarten, and now here they are as first and second graders! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? We feel pretty lucky that our kids love school and they get so excited about going back. Reese is a social butterfly and Pierson is an academic whiz; both are turning into all around excellent students. This year we wanted to do something a little different when we were preparing to go back, we thought it would be fun for the kids to come up with ideas for gifts for their teachers.

Both my husband Asa and I are also full time school teachers, and we know how special it feels when our students are thinking of us! Lucky for us we have a Tuesday Morning super close by our house, so one afternoon we went in and browsed all the aisles to come up with what I think are pretty cute gifts. The kids helped too, finding some beautiful miniature globes that they thought their teachers would love to have. We got those and found some decorative stickers to apply to them, adding the teacher’s name to the globes.

Reese wanted to do something ‘sweet’ for the teachers, and so we found some yummy cookies at Tuesday Morning (they look and taste homemade, yes, I had to sneak one) ;) She filled a little glass container we also purchased there, and we made a little note that said, “I’m going to be one SMART cookie with you as my teacher!”

Even though we ARE school teachers and the kids are great about school (i.e. doing their homework, reading, etc.) we did need a little more organization in our life this year. We decided to create a ‘school wall’ in our entry way, so that the kids could unpack their backpacks and put their papers or folders in labeled bins. This way, we can also keep track of what we need to sign and fill out and return. Pierson and Reese also loved this idea and of course made them even MORE excited about going back—they actually ASKED when we thought they would be able to get homework!!

Last but not least, let’s talk school lunches. How do your kids get lunch at their schools? Because Pierson and Reese’s Elementary offers free hot lunches, we don’t typically allow them to take a lunch every single day. (Hey, when you can save money, you save money, right?!) But we did want to be prepared for when they ARE able to take a lunch from home, so thanks to Tuesday Morning we were able to stock up on some new food containers for their lunch boxes. From teachers’ gifts to home organization to kitchen necessities, Tuesday Morning really had ALL the back to school needs!

Hopefully I have you convinced that you definitely don’t want to miss Tuesday Morning’s great deals and supplies for YOUR back-to-school transition?! Do you have one of their stores near you? Click here to find the closest one to your location, and I would love to see what you found with your kids when you go! While we chose to do more of a gift/organization/lunch haul, maybe you all need notebooks or planners or more supply related items. We love our Tuesday Morning and are really happy with all that we were able to find, and all within our back to school budget too! If you’d like to share a graphic on your social media platforms, I’ve posted one below! Thanks for reading, Y’all, and HAPPY SCHOOL SHOPPING! :) xx

Ashley Glass Blog

Getting Wedding Ready with Drybar!

I'm sure many of you reading this have been in weddings and if not one, than probably MANY; and you KNOW how expensive they can be! Don't get me wrong, we all know that they are so fun to be a part of, but the getting there takes some work; budgeting, and planning and all that jazz. This past weekend, I had the honor to be in an out of state wedding for a girlfriend of mine, and my daughter was even going to be one of her flower girls! Talk about EXCITING!! So I had my dress, shoes, earrings--we had our hotel booked, and literally, all I needed was my hair left to be planned. When Drybar of Louisville informed me that they'd love to partner with me the day before I left, I was DOWN. The salon officially opened January 22, and is Louisville's FIRST Drybar. 

They are located on Shelbyville road, in between Toys R Us and Whole Foods. A bright white shop with tons of windows and bright, vibrant decor--it's a shop hard to miss. I was welcomed by smiling faces, from the receptionists and stylists and also the owners themselves! [How cool right??] The salon is big enough to hold MANY clients and I've always thought it would be the perfect spot for bride's and their girls to get ready at. 

A lot of women haven't heard about the Drybar blow-out experience, so here's the scoop. You're immediately welcomed with your drink of choice: ice water, diet coke, tea, etc. [I chose diet coke because after running the 5k that morning, this mama was in dire need of caffeine!] Then you're given a menu which you can select your ideal look from: some examples include the Mai Tai, loose, beach-like waves; or a traditional blow-out called Straight Up. If you're really wanting fancy though, there's a fun look called the Uptini, which is more of an up-do. You can see the full menu here if you want to take a peek before going in! 

The stylist greeted me so friendly and took me back for a wash. We chatted about our kids and my race that morning and swapped motherhood stories the whole time. By the end of the appointment I felt like I had known her way longer than the 40-ish minutes it took! She dried my hair and curled it with some loose waves--I was in love with the finished product! (Please excuse my sweatpants and baggy tee; keep in mind I had just ran three miles before hand! Ahh, SO tired!!)

I had actually been to Drybar before, when we had our family pictures taken back in October, and I was SO pleased with that experience as well. The curls lasted me well over 24-hours and I never even had to re-touch it!! The same goes for this visit; my family of four and I left for Cincinnati right after my hair appointment and we went to the rehearsal, dinner, and I sat with my kiddos in the hotel where they swam for almost an hour. Even after sleeping on it, it was STILL in excellent shape. If you're a product junkie like me, or if you're even looking for the simple necessities, Drybar WON'T let you down. Their dry shampoo (Detox) is one of my absolute faves, and I actually did use some of this a few hours before the wedding ceremony. As a mom of two, I kinda feel like dry shampoo is at the TOP of my priority list these days...

I can't say enough about Drybar of Louisville. Excellent staff, TALENTED stylists, and a wonderful opportunity. I am not the best at 'treating myself' but I think days like these are so needed. Mamas, if you CAN, check this salon out. And if you have any questions at all, comment or e-mail me! I assure you that the time is worth it, and the hair styles do NOT disappoint. 

Thank you Drybar, for this amazing gift that could not have come at a more perfect time for me!! You definitely have made me a lifelong customer!