Kissing Summer Goodbye [Kentucky State Fair]

Eight years ago today Timehop tells me I went to the Kentucky State Fair for the FIRST time with my then soon-to-be husband. Almost a decade ago, and I remember sitting high up on the ferris wheel with him imagining our life together. I couldn't have ever thought of raising the two kids that we are now, because who can imagine something so sweet? 

Lastnight we ventured down to the Fair Grounds with our dearest friends Tim and Clayton, and we made a WHOLE night of it. The kids were soooo excited for the junk food and rides that we had hyped up and it couldn't have gone more perfectly (well, actually I think I would have enjoyed a little *more* junk food? But the elephant ear definitely made my fair dreams come true nonetheless!) When I buckled the kids in to some of those rides, my heart and mind did all sorts of weird emotional things. I was so happy for them and at the same time sad for myself as I watched them act like big kids, unafraid of anything! Once, Reese got on a ride that she didn't meet the height requirements for and I didn't even notice until she was up in the air in those swings. I kept yelling, "Keep your arms down, Reesie! Hold on!" She was 1000% perfectly fine and completely secured in the seat, but I still had thoughts like, 'Okay I can sprint really fast and catch her if she falls, it won't be that bad!' Praise the Lord that the night just consisted of belly laughs, awesome friends and a wonderful time--the perfect farewell to summer for sure! 

Pssst! The adorable shoes that the kiddos are wearing are from Tsukihoshi
Your Littles definitely need a pair or two (or five!)