Rainy Days + Cream Cheese Danishes

Happy Friday, Y'all! I don't know about you but I am *definitely* ready for the weekend. Especially because I am headed to Nashville this evening to spend 48 hours with my big brother and his wife! 

This week, didn't get to do too many school lessons due to a LOT of illness (bronchitis + fevers, double boo!); but we enjoyed coloring hearts for Valentine's Day and the down time that we had together.  

In between the coloring and many books read, the kids were able to play together surprisingly well this week. Like, extreme laughter and silly inside jokes, going back and forth between their bedrooms playing with dolls and Legos. But A LOT of time also looked like this: 

Thursday night I was feeling ansy and as everyone in Kentucky is, VERY sick of the rain. I have a hard enough time finding inspiration and motivation in the winter months here, so 90% of the time my inspiration comes through baking. We made homemade Cream Cheese Danishes with Pillsbury crescent rolls and guys, they are SO good. 

And Thursday night we had some friends over from our new church and it was amazing to have some ADULT time. Ha! Asa made his homemade chicken tikka masala, we shared stories, and stayed up way past our bedtime. This week the kids have really struggled with staying asleep (more so than usual) which is to be expected with their terrible coughs and fevers, but I am feeling way more wiped than usual. Anyone else just REALLY ready for some down time this weekend!? 

PS: In Nashville, I am photographing the next gal for my Beloved Woman series and I am so excited!! Stay tuned!