Spring Break Part II [Myrtle Beach!]

Alas, the vacation haze has finally lifted and I've concluded editing ALL my many pictures. Myrtle Beach was incredibly beautiful, and our lovely condo was right on the beach. It also had a pool, (and a WARM pool at that) which made post-beach trips so nice. Where we stayed was a four-bedroom space, but the kids really wanted to sleep together. They had two twins bed in their room and it was nice and quiet and dark--aka, they slept SO well. We had a ton of fun with our friends Tim and Clayton, and spent our evenings relaxing and talking in the big living room. I had never been to Myrtle Beach before, and I have a HUGE fear of the ocean [hello, I grew up on the Great Lakes where nothing was scary OR salty!!]; so this trip was really new for me. We are SO thankful we took this trip, and can't wait for more summer trips (to who knows where!) 

We used an amazing bonded leather play mat from Gathre for most of our beach trip; it was super easy to wash off and didn't collect sand like a towel would. The kids loved sitting and resting on it in between their trips to the water. And just like Part I of Spring Break, I hardly ever took off my Gigipip baseball hat because um, hello windy beach days and super salty hair! Ha! 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing our trip through the photos. I think for Asa and I, our favorite part was camping, but we definitely enjoyed the warm weather and beauty South Carolina had to offer as well.