Perfect for Couples AND Kids: an Omni Staycation!

Hey, Y'all! So I'm sure you have heard about the Omni opening a SWEET and brand new location downtown Louisville (please tell me you have!) My husband and I had the time of our lives celebrating my 30th birthday there this past March, and we knew that we would have to come back--this time with the kids! [In case you missed that post, you can check it out here]. 

Summer days are literally the best, but let's face it, they can also feel long. Being a teacher and having all summer off with my kids is an absolute blessing, and it's yet not without challenges. It is really amazing getting so much extra time with my son and daughter; playing with them, teaching them and loving the heck out of them. But by mid summer, both my husband (who is a teacher too) found it kind of exhausting trying to find fun and engaging things to do every single day. (There are only so many trips to the zoo and the dollar spot at Target a mom can make.) When the opportunity to stay at the Omni again arose, I JUMPED at the chance! 

The Omni Louisville is only about 20 minutes or so from our house, so for us this was the perfect staycation. Especially since our annual summer trip to the Gulf fell through, our kids were ecstatic to learn that they were now going to stay at the hotel "with the pool on the roof." (ps: it kind of amazed me at how resilient our kids were when they did learn about the beach trip falling through. It's neat that they stayed happy and thankful through the other fun things we planned for our now Staycation, such as this very special trip to the Omni!)

When we arrived with the kids, they were in complete awe of the hotel. This place was unlike any hotel they’ve ever stayed in, or even seen. The art, the architecture, every inch seemed to captivate their attention and excite them. We literally did some sight seeing in the lobby and ground floor before ever making it to the room. (In case you didn't know, escalators can equate to endless fun for Littles).

Speaking of the room…OH MY WORD. Y'ALL!! It was incredible. The views, the finishes, the space, all of it! We walked in the door not expecting the spacious and seemingly endless floor plan. Or the breathtaking bathroom that I believe was larger than our kids bedrooms...! Scroll slowly through these pictures, and the second you can see for yourself by booking a stay at the Omni, I promise you will not be dissapointed! 

Even though I’m fairly certain my husband could have just stayed in the room enjoying how nice it was, the kids and I were more excited for the pool and some lunch! Omni Louisville has an immaculate, beautiful, rooftop pool. There is a restaurant and bar up there with incredible food that is flavorful and light--exactly what you'd want while being in the hot sun. It was really sweet when the waiter offered to make our kids some slushies; we really just felt so taken care of and everyone was super accomodating of our very excited children.  

There was also something about being at the rooftop pool that made us feel like we had gone away on a trip far from home. It’s luxurious, yet inviting. It feels exclusive and also accommodating. The pool is long, but not very deep. My kids were able to swim and play almost completely independently. (They even made friends with kids their ages minutes after jumping in, so that was really fun to watch!) There were tons of pool chairs for sunbathing, comfy shaded seating near the bar for relaxing, even cabanas you can use to escape the sun but still be poolside. We spent the bulk of our time right here, but my husband did take advantage of the gym just down the hall from the pool, and then he joined us on the roof. It was conveniently located near where the kids and I wanted to be. (I apparently don't believe in working out anymore now that I've gotten a horse............oops).

For dinner we ate at Neighborhood Services, because we just had to get another round of Hot Brown Tater Tots. If you only eat one thing at the Omni, you want these. They’re a twist on a Kentucky staple, and they are SO dang good. 

After dinner we went up to the room to unwind. Every TV has a built in Chromecast so finding something for my kids to watch was really easy. Plus, they were so wiped from being in the sun all day, and the beds are so comfortable, they fell asleep quickly without any protest. 

For breakfast you have got to check out Fall City Market. There are so many options to choose from to get exactly what you want for breakfast. The kids and I got fresh pastries from Batch Bakery. My husband wanted a hot and savory breakfast, which he was also able to get there. And of course you can't forget the Heine Brothers Coffee!

We took one last swim in the pool before we left. The morning hours had such a small crowd at the pool that we were practically alone. It was a perfect place to sip coffee, and ease into another beautiful day. It was just a shame our time at the Omni was coming to a close, but I promise, we WILL be back!