Let's Go Back to School, Tuesday Morning Style!

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School bell’s are ringing!! If you live in Kentucky anyway…! It’s always a transition, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday that our daughter was entering PreK and our son Kindergarten, and now here they are as first and second graders! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? We feel pretty lucky that our kids love school and they get so excited about going back. Reese is a social butterfly and Pierson is an academic whiz; both are turning into all around excellent students. This year we wanted to do something a little different when we were preparing to go back, we thought it would be fun for the kids to come up with ideas for gifts for their teachers.

Both my husband Asa and I are also full time school teachers, and we know how special it feels when our students are thinking of us! Lucky for us we have a Tuesday Morning super close by our house, so one afternoon we went in and browsed all the aisles to come up with what I think are pretty cute gifts. The kids helped too, finding some beautiful miniature globes that they thought their teachers would love to have. We got those and found some decorative stickers to apply to them, adding the teacher’s name to the globes.

Reese wanted to do something ‘sweet’ for the teachers, and so we found some yummy cookies at Tuesday Morning (they look and taste homemade, yes, I had to sneak one) ;) She filled a little glass container we also purchased there, and we made a little note that said, “I’m going to be one SMART cookie with you as my teacher!”

Even though we ARE school teachers and the kids are great about school (i.e. doing their homework, reading, etc.) we did need a little more organization in our life this year. We decided to create a ‘school wall’ in our entry way, so that the kids could unpack their backpacks and put their papers or folders in labeled bins. This way, we can also keep track of what we need to sign and fill out and return. Pierson and Reese also loved this idea and of course made them even MORE excited about going back—they actually ASKED when we thought they would be able to get homework!!

Last but not least, let’s talk school lunches. How do your kids get lunch at their schools? Because Pierson and Reese’s Elementary offers free hot lunches, we don’t typically allow them to take a lunch every single day. (Hey, when you can save money, you save money, right?!) But we did want to be prepared for when they ARE able to take a lunch from home, so thanks to Tuesday Morning we were able to stock up on some new food containers for their lunch boxes. From teachers’ gifts to home organization to kitchen necessities, Tuesday Morning really had ALL the back to school needs!

Hopefully I have you convinced that you definitely don’t want to miss Tuesday Morning’s great deals and supplies for YOUR back-to-school transition?! Do you have one of their stores near you? Click here to find the closest one to your location, and I would love to see what you found with your kids when you go! While we chose to do more of a gift/organization/lunch haul, maybe you all need notebooks or planners or more supply related items. We love our Tuesday Morning and are really happy with all that we were able to find, and all within our back to school budget too! If you’d like to share a graphic on your social media platforms, I’ve posted one below! Thanks for reading, Y’all, and HAPPY SCHOOL SHOPPING! :) xx

Ashley Glass Blog